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Welcome to New HOPE Academy!   New HOPE Academy is a place where every student can thrive. The students of Hopewell deserve the finest education and resources possible. At New HOPE they can receive that and more.

Founded in Hopewell in 2016, New HOPE opened with the mission of Helping Our Pupils Excel. We treat each student as an individual with a clear understanding that students do not learn in the same manner.  New HOPE provides small classroom sizes that allow students more time for individual assistance with minimal distractions.

At New HOPE, students interact with a dedicated group of teachers and support staff who join forces to assist each student realize his or her true potential. Our staff displays tremendous integrity, patience, fairness, and empathy while working with students who are in need of a different approach to learning.  All New HOPE students are provided the opportunity to experience success while enrolled.

As the school administrator, I am delighted to be a part of such an amazing institution. It is my wish that all students are given the opportunity to complete their educational requirements, make positive behavioral adjustments, and receive social and emotional support while exploring career pathways.  If you have questions regarding our program or your student, please do not hesitate to contact us.

On behalf of our staff, welcome to New HOPE Academy where we are “Anchored in Success”

This promises to be another successful school year for all.

Keith E. Crews
Program Supervisor