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Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy
New HOPE Academy is a school that embraces the distinctive needs of our students by providing a 21st Century approach to learning.  Our environment is designed to facilitate student-centered learning while engaging in Positive Behavioral Interventions and Support (PBIS).  Our high expectations, rigorous curricula instruction, intensive intervention programs, and safe environment will foster student growth. Our goal is to develop a team approach with students, parents, schools, and community agencies to provide all available resources. the students of Hopewell. Hopewell students will be equipped with skills they need to be successful in life.

Top Ten Factors for Success at New HOPE Academy
  • Safe and healthy learning environment 
  • Caring and supportive staff 
  • Non-traditional approaches to learning 
  • Positive behavioral support 
  • Social and emotional counseling and support 
  • Career readiness and job skills 
  • Participation in the Jobs for Virginia Graduates Program
  • Community and social action projects 
  • Empowered students and self advocates 
  • Student leadership